At MOVE, we understand the importance of recognition. Awards are distributed throughout the weekend through medals, trophies, plaques, frames, cash awards, MOVE Vouchers and scholarships.


Every studio has the opportunity to compete at MOVE Finals* – at no additional entry fees! It is even possible for one studio to win multiple MOVE Championship titles! (*a minimum of 20 entries is required to be eligible for MOVE Finals). Please also note our Novice and Pre-Competitive rule below in regards to MOVE Finals.

Every performance will be awarded a MOVE medallion based on the scoring categories of Made to MOVE, Super Platinum, Platinum, or Diamond.

MOVE will award First (1st), Second (2nd), and Third (3rd) place trophies in categories that consist of two (2) or more routines.

Routines that quality for MOVE Finals will be awarded a Finalist trophy and a cash and/or MOVE Voucher prize.

MOVE will award trophies and cash and/or a MOVE Voucher and/or scholarships to the Mini/Junior, Intermediate and Senior Finalist qualifiers. Cash and/or a MOVE Voucher prize for the Mini/Junior, Intermediate and Senior MOVE Champions will also be awarded.

Special Awards will be awarded throughout the competition by our panel of judges. Special awards are awarded based on stage presence, costume and overall performance rather than by score.

A Choreography Special Award will be awarded by our Judges at each adjudication session.

At the end of each competition day, we will announce the Highest Score of the Day, along with a recognition plaque.

Overall Awards Include:

Top Five Soloists in each age division
Top Three Duet/Trio in each age division
Top Three Groups in each age division
Top Three Lines/Extended Lines in each age division
Top Pre-Competitive Score in each age division
Top Novice Score in each age division
Mini, Junior, Intermediate and Senior Top Score - across all disciplines and entry size

Highest Scoring Discipline Awards:

Highest Scoring Ballet Routine (Includes Contemporary Ballet, Character Ballet, Demi-Character Ballet, Pointe & Demi-Pointe)
Highest Scoring Hip Hop Routine
Highest Scoring Jazz Routine
Highest Scoring Modern/Contemporary Routine
Highest Scoring Acro Routine
Highest Scoring Lyrical Routine
Highest Scoring Tap Routine
Highest Scoring Open Routine
Highest Scoring Musical Theatre Routine (Includes Song & Dance and Vocal)

Directors' Choice Awards

PLEASE NOTE: Novice and Pre-Competitive entries are not eligible to perform at the Finals, unless the registered studio has 75% of their entries listed as Novice and/or Pre-Competitive.

These awards will be awarded to the top three Novice and Pre-Competitive scores in the Mini, Junior and Intermediate age categories.

*Please note that there is no Novice competitive category in the Senior age division.

We also award the top three Pre-Competitive scores in the Senior age categories.

Winners of the Spotlight Awards receive trophies and cash and/or MOVE Voucher awards!

Dance routines competing at MOVE will be judged by a panel of three (3) professional judges who will award each routine a score out of one hundred (100) marks. The three (3) marks will be averaged to achieve a final mark for each performance.

Results can produce multiples of Super Platinum, Platinum, Diamond or Gold awards within each category. First (1st), Second (2nd) and Third (3rd) placements will also be awarded in categories that consist of two (2) or more routines.

95 and up

92 to 94.9

88 to 91.9

83 to 87.9